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Regenerative Solutions

SKW Compact

SKW Compact unit is made to be installed as a ready package. Although unit can be split for installation at site. Unit is designed for high heat recovery efficiency, up to 90%, with the lowest pressure influence at the same time. Compact units are available up to 3500m3/h.

Counterflow unit can be selected in different categories adapting to the condition needed. Normal counterflow unit is made from aluminum, special counterflow units can be equipped with nano foil material for latent energy recovery. For swimming pool use the system will be equipped with a recovery system out of epoxy coated aluminum.

Facilities: Private pool, Private house, Office small
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The adiabatic (indirect evaporative) cooling works by spraying a fine water film on the exhaust air side onto the hydrophilic coated surface of the heat exchanger.

When this evaporates in the exhaust air the supply air is cooled (see psychometric chart).

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Key Features

  • recirculation of the return-supply air
  • heat-pump to return sensible and latent energy from the exhaust air to supply air
  • compressor for cooling the supply air
  • cooling coil for cooling the supply air
  • heating coil for heating the supply air
  • CO2 sensor for the efficient fresh air control
  • constant pressure control for the supply and extraction ventilator system
  • humidity control
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