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Skawen is an innovative ventilation company developing, producing and selling AHU’s with highly efficient heat recovery system.

Products are Air Handling systems for public/industrial applications and for dehumidification of private and public pools. Focus on the new-build market as well as the retrofit market. When ventilating buildings and facilities with Skawen AHU’s, customers will save heat as well as electric energy and reduce electric power input.

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Skawen was founded by Ragnar Paat and Sten Mogard in 2018.

Ragnar Paat has worked passionately with HVAC solutions for a German/Swedish company for almost 15 years, being active within sales as well as the technical side in northern Europe including Russia (Sankt Petersburg).

Sten Mogard has a history from the automotive industry within R&D, production and sales, including founding and set-up of two manufacturing plants in Estonia which today employs around 400 individuals.

In this set-up, Ragnar and Sten have used their network to gather a strong team of totally eight specialists from complementary areas and invited them as partners.

A key player to join the Skawen team is Christian Zywicki who has worked in key positions within the German HVAC industry since 1992.
Christian has had positions such as R&D-manager and product manager. He is also a well respected Eurovent certification expert.


Board of Directors
Team member
Lars Save
Serial entrepreneur with multiple IPO’s in Sweden. Founder and former CEO of Bisnode AB in online digital business information company in Europe and the Nordics..
Team member
Ragnar Paat
Member of the Board / Production and Sales
Team member
Lena Sundsvik
Board Member
Team member
Heiner Weber
Managing Partner and Chairman at Katalysen Ventures.
Heiner runs Katalysen Ventures Swiss operations from Geneva, being primarily responsible for Katalysen’s extensive international network of relations.
Team member
Sten Mogard
Managing Director
Team member
Christian Zywicki
Product Manager
Team member
Rainer Paat
Development Manager
Team member
Taavi Lond
Supply Chain Manager
Team member
Taavi Jögi
Supply-chain / HVAC Service Engineer
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