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Restaurants and bars
Restaurants require a separation of kitchen ventilation from the guest area. The kitchen area must be supplied with sufficient thermally conditioned fresh air. The guest area should be supplied with pleasant conditioned fresh air.
Sports facilities
Make high demands on the amount of fresh air and thermal conditioning of the air. The fairly high air change rate of 4 to 5 times is usually ensured by a recuperative device. The high heat recovery and an integrated bypass reduce the energy requirement of the fans. The recuperator prevents odor transmission from the supply air.
The ventilation and air conditioning of hospital areas requires perfect cooperation with the local hygienic manager. The equipment and heat recovery technology used must be adapted to the hygienic requirements.
Public facilities
Public facilities such as theaters and cinemas are usually not used all day. The air conditioning technology used maintains an air volume for fresh air flushing and thermal conditioning during the non-use period. In the spectator mode, the amount of air is adjusted to the number of guests via a CO2 control when requiered. High heat recovery with optimal running costs will be secured.
The legal requirements for industry companies to reduce primary energy demand require annual energy audits. As part of the audits, measures to reduce energy demand must be identified and implemented. Intelligent air conditioning technology is able to reduce the primary energy demand for ventilation in many places and to provide a comfortable working environment.
Office Buildings
The ventilation of office buildings becomes intelligently demanded by a zone or individual room control. The connection of the air handling unit with the building management system can ensure the required amount of fresh air in the occupied spaces. The energy requirement for the thermal conditioning and the fans can be significantly reduced.
Shopping mall
Shopping malls require ventilation and air conditioning technology that can be adapted to the changes in use. A CO2 dependent outdoor air control system reduces the energy requirement of the fans considerably. Intelligent heat recovery with bypass Reduces heating and cooling requirements.
Indoor swimming pool
Indoor swimming pool must be dehumidified and heated. For this purpose, the dehumidifier must be able to remove the disinfection by-products from the pool hall air. This is best done with a highly efficient recuperator and an intelligent control principle to reduce the energy demand for dehumidification to a minimum.
Data Centre
Data hunger and Industry 4.0 require more and more memory and computing power. The servers and UPS systems require a room climate which is provided by energy efficient refrigerators with, if possible, indirect free cooling. A low connection performance of these devices is important in order not to let the emergency power reserves become too large.
Skawen is an innovative ventilation company developing, producing and selling AHU’s with highly efficient heat recovery system.

Sustainable Ventilation

Solving climate and energy saving challenges

Skawen manufactures central ventilation units.

Skawen focuses on the use of innovative techniques for heat recovery and ventilation. The housing in lightweight construction is robust, simple and has the highest thermal insulation properties.

A thermally separated profile forms the frame.

The panel panels are connected by a sound-absorbing medium. The full-surface bonding of the panels ensures maximum rigidity

The Skawen Product Selector supports the Unit selection and design.

A scetch, technical data and tenderdocuments are generated at the push of a button.

Skawen manufactures central ventilation units.A thermally separated profile forms the frame.The Skawen Product Selector supports the Unit selection and design.

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Business idea

To develop, produce and sell smart and innovative energy recovery ventilation systems for facilities and provide green, cost-efficient, and healthy indoor air solutions. The business idea is accomplished by the use of reliable and proven technology in combination with innovations and state of the art IT solutions.

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Climate Change

The Skawen solution provides environmentally friendly ventilation. An effect of using the efficient energy recovery solutions is that the carbon-footprint of any facility will decrease.

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The Skawen solutions offer energy and cost savings, as well as system self-diagnose. The leading IT-control being developed to provide total insight of the units provides total insight, which allows for continuous improvements for any sold unit. The upgradable the solution also offers a platform for add-on services to enhance economy even more including building monitoring.

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Well ventilated facilities are the basis for productive, focused and prosperous individuals. When the Skawen AHU’s are combined with an innovative low-pressure-drop filter solution, which will be developed in the coming year, is the effect is even. The leading IT-control being developed to provide total insight. It gives a possibility to solve problems including nano-particles, smog, and radon contamination.

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To reduce energy/cost and to improve air quality when providing healthy indoor air.

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Inner Values

Our vision is to provide Air Handling Units and solutions exceeding European environmental demands and norms to a competitive price.

We aim to be quick in response, flexible in solving issues and to have efficient and quality secured work-flows.

Our drive is to create solutions today that guarantees a sustainable prosperous future for the generations to come.

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