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The ventilation systems are suitable for use in public and industrial areas and for dehumidification of private/public swimming pool halls. Focus is on both the new construction and the rebuilding markets. When ventilating buildings and facilities with Skawen ventilation units, the energy required for heating, cooling and electrical power is reduced.

Product Selection

Technical data

Features of Skawen Air Handling Units

All devices with or without controls are CE marked. Within the framework of a project design and an offer, the Skawen AHU design software checks the fulfillment of the efficiency criteria according to the ErP Directive, before technical data are issued. Units with refrigeration technology meet the strict requirements of the F-Gas Regulation

The thermal bridge-free design of the panels allows the use of a variety of insulation materials such as rock wool and PUR foam. The mechanical strength of the housing allows air outputs up to 31,800 m³/h at a pressure of up to 2000 Pa.

The housing is smooth inside and wipe disinfectable according to the requirements of VDI 6022.

The special materials used in the panels ensure a highly efficient noise reduction for the emission of sound into the technical room or surrounding. The use of the latest EC fans in combination with highly efficient acoustic decoupling significantly reduces structure-borne noise.

  • Low air leakage
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low heat transfer
  • Fiberglass reinforced base frame
  • Fiberglass reinforced base frame
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Noise Reduction
  • Weight reduction of up to 30-40%

Skawen has developed a new casing design

Skawen has developed a new casing design which makes the ventilation units lighter and mountable on site. The design is optimized for a flat-pack logistics solution. This makes shipping of the units on longer distances easier and more cost-efficient. Composite casing can be used in any project, for swimming pool halls clima and industrial projects like, chemical industries and fishing farms with aggressive conditions.

  • The practically thermal bridge-free design with anodized profiles ensures a nearly condensate-free operation
  • The housing openings have a double sealing which offers a high airtightness.
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Skawen has developed a new housing for air conditioning units.

The housing is made of corrosion-resistant composite materials with the aim to reduce the weight.
The corrosion resistance of the housing enables its use in industrial applications, the food industry and for swimming pool hall dehumidification.
The double sealing solution of the panels offers a high airtightness.

  • Extruded anodized aluminum profiles
  • Thermally decoupled frame and construction profiles
  • Thermally separated frame profiles
  • Attractive contemporary appearance
  • 30-40% lighter than a comparable steel construction
  • Low air leakage rate
  • High mechanical strength
  • Thermal bridge-free construction
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Wipe-disinfectable construction
  • Polymer and aluminum sandwich construction filled with PUR foam.
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High sound attenuation
  • Light in weight
  • Corrosion-free glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Practically condensate-free
  • High mechanical strength
  • Light in weight

Skawen distinguishes these in SKW and SKW compact

The housing design allows the construction of two housing types.

In terms of building- or energy-renovation, the standardised housing dimensions may not fit the old facility. In this case Skawen offers SKW with an Extended range of dimension which meet the specific space requirements.

  • SKW
    Has standardised assembly groups and faceside duct connection
  • SKW Compact
    Standardised assembly groups and duct connection on top or at the side
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Selection of components

Skawen uses reputable suppliers.

The fans are driven by EC motors with controlled speed.

In refrigeration mode, only power-adjustable compressors are used.

The devices with a recuperator have an intelligent demand-dependent defrosting in which the amount of air does not have to be reduced.
The devices with a rotor or a circulation system work with an optimised efficiency control.

The Skawen air handling design software, “Ventsign”, ensures the ErP conformity of the designed devices.
For the market sector outside the ErP Directive, Skawen offers all market  available heat recovery systems.

One series fits for all applications

SKW Components

Skawen works with the most modern EC fans. A constant air volume flow control is standard in all devices. Optionally, a constant pressure control or a constant speed control can be used.

A unit with an air volume flow of more than 10,000 m³/h operates with two or more EC fans. This increases the operational safety.

Skawen AHU’s runs on power adjustable compressors. These can provide the cooling capacity in a range of 20% to 100%. The components reduce the refrigerant charge as well as the environmental footprint as defined by the F-Gas Regulation.

A power-controlled heat pump with a highly efficient controls algorithm allows for a smooth temperature control. This is supported by power adjustable compressors which have a working range of 20% to 100%.

The Skawen Air handling units can optionally be equipped with a chilled water cooler, which is connected to an on-site chilled water network. The device takes over the temperature control.

Skawen uses modern industrial controllers which supports analog signals and/or bus communication. A new control software has been developed by Skawen where thermodynamic algorithms facilitates the control of complex air handling units. The software is adapted to the functions of the units and their specific environment. Parameters are adjusted already in the design-project.

This saves working time and costs during implementation and commissioning of the units. Depending on the size and the application of the units, analogue or bus technology is used. The controller allows service communication and settings with use of a smartphone or a tablet without additional software required. The controller enables the communication with a BMS-system.

The defrosting of the recuperator is performed via a logic in which the defrosting is possible only when needed. The fresh air volume of the device in the phase of defrosting does not need to be reduced.

The louvers are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum.

The filter standard of the devices meets the requirements of VDI 6022. Optionally, the filters can be adapted to the requirements of a specific project. The filters are available in pocket form or as a compact cell.

The base frame is a U-profile made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. This material is corrosion resistant and reduces the total weight. Optionally, a base frame made of galvanized steel can be selected.

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