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Annual General Meeting of Skawen Holding AB (publ)

Shareholders of Skawen Holding AB (publ) are invited to the annual general meeting on June 17, 2024, at 4:00 PM at Katalysen's premises in Stockholm. Registration is required by June 10, 2024, with necessary details and proxies.


We are Belgium’s Kerstmarkt Proud Sponsors

We at Skawen are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the Kerstmarkt, organized by BNI Foundation Belgium.

Exclusive interview with Christian Zywicki

Christian Zywicki has joined the Skawen Team and will be resposible for product management and certifications.

Employees' Productivity by 8%

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is crucial for the well-being of individuals indoors.

Skawen's Anniversary Highlights - longer

Skawen's 5th anniversary was marked by a memorable 3-day event, showcasing our journey, innovations, and vision for the future

Skawen's Anniversary Highlights

Skawen's 5th anniversary was marked by a memorable 3-day event, showcasing our journey, innovations, and vision for the future

Smart Algorithm Changes the Game

Skawen's smart algorithm enhances energy efficiency, precision, and competitive pricing in air handling, featuring dual sensors and water content calculation

Who is behind our Skaweni brand?

Arvo Juhkov leads Skawen's marketing, blending creativity with tech, driving brand growth and industry innovation.

Is Your Well-being at Risk?

Improving indoor air quality boosts employee productivity by 8%, highlighting the importance of air purifiers for a healthier workplace

The Brain behind Our Prop-Tech Solutions

Today We Want to Introduce You to Rainer Paat, the Brain behind Our Prop-Tech Solutions!

Skawen's Sustainable Solution

Skawen promotes sustainability by investing in energy-efficient HVAC systems, reducing carbon emissions, and saving customers money.

Join Skawen at E-World Energy & Water Fair in Essen

We have made it to the E-world energy & water fair in Essen, Germany, and will be here until Thursday!

E-world energy & water fair in Essen, Germany

We are happy to announce that we will be attending the e-world energy & water fair in Essen, Germany from May 23rd to 25th.

Meet Taavi Lond, Skawen's Supply Chain Manager

Get to know Taavi Lond, Skawen's Supply Chain Manager, and learn about his experience, challenges, and wins during his 3 fantastic years at Skawen

Boost productivity with Improved Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that indoor air quality has a measurable effect on our productivity?

Semahat Baser is at MIPIM World event

MIPIM is the world’s leading real estate event and a year-round digital platform connecting all sectors of the property industry.

We are at the ISH fair in Germany!

We are looking forward to connecting with other attendees and expanding our network.


New partnership with Katalysen & Partners

Skawen has a new venture partnership with Katalysen & Partners


Welcome Walter

Walter will take over the distribution of the Skawen units in Austria.

Welcome Tim Schlattman

Tim has joined Skawen’s European sales team and will mainly focus on the north-west of Germany.


Welcome Alvydas Aleksandravicius

Alvydas has joined the Skawen European sales force and will primarily focus on Lithuania and Belarus

Hannover Messe

Skawen has been picked out by Business Sweden to represent “Swedish Energy Innovations” at the Hannover Messe

New Chairman of the Skawen Supervisory Board

Bernt Ingman has been appointed new Chairman of Skawen Supervisory Board.

Welcome Taavi Lond

We have also strengthened our supply chain at Skawen Production with Taavi Lond

Welcome Europair

Company Europair has joined Skawen as a distributor


Certification EN 1886

Skawen casing solution has been officially approved by TüV in Essen according to EN 1886

University cooperation

Skawen has performed an extensive study together with Taltech University (University in Tallinn) regarding the unique developed lightweight casing design.

Welcome aboard, Leo Jansen

Learn about Leo Jansen's impressive career journey from Senior Technician to Technical Director at Menerga BV Nederland, and his current role overseeing Skawen operations in the Netherlands. Discover how he spearheaded the creation of a new Sales and Service team that operates 24/7 to support Skawen's customers.

Lars Save is nieuwe voorzitter van de raad van bestuur

CEO en groepsmanager met ruim 20 jaar aanzienlijke ervaring op het gebied van de Europese digitale bedrijfsinformatiedatabase.

Welcome Christian Zywicki

Christian Zywicki has joined the Skawen Team and will be resposible for product management and certifications.

Composite casing

Skawen has developed one of the kind casing for they HVAC and other products. The casing is made from composite materials aiming light weight and non corrosive skin for the products.

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