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SKW Recu

Recuperative units can be counter-flow as well as the diagonal heat exchanger.

All recuperative SKW Units will have a counterflow recuperator, alternativ a suitable dimensioned cross- counterflow recuperator. All units will fulfill the ErP regulations. All units will have a constant air volume control and an active defrost management. This units will have optional adiabatic system, integrated dx cooling or heat pump or reversible dx. The user has the possibility to change from constant return temperature control to constant supply temperature control. 


Facilities: Data centre, Large Offices, Hospitals.
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Recu video
shows how the device works in different seasons


Advantages of Skawen’s ventilation and dehumidifying devices for swimming pool comfort include:
– Energy-efficient and sustainable
– Customizable air connections
– Cost-effective and efficient heat recovery options
– Innovative and hygienic design
– Space-efficient and compact

We set trends and inspire others

Key Features

  • Recirculation of exhaust air and supply air with simultaneous constant mixing of outdoor air
  • Controllable heat pump for energy recovery from the exhaust air
  • Variable outside air volume flow for dehumidification with constant exhaust air and supply air volume flow at the same time
  • Heating register for reheating the supply air with low flow and return temperatures
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • The control cabinet can be mounted on the device or remotely on the wall


  • Plastic heat exchanger

High quality housing

  • Acoustically insulated panels for low acoustic levels
  • TB2, T2, L1 [M], D1 [M]
  • Robust design with 30% lighter weight
  • Duct connections on the side or on top, adjustable on site
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