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Boosting Employee Productivity by 8% with Improved Indoor Air Quality

Is Your Well-being at Risk? The Surprising Connection Between Air Humidity, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and Health!

Today, we want to share less-known facts about humidity to see how it impacts our overall well-being.

Humidity is a blend of air and water vapors, a dynamic duo that shapes the very fabric of our weather patterns and day-to-day existence.

Wet Air depends on two factors, dry Air and an amount of water in solution with dry air. The absolute water content in the outside air depends mainly on the weather situation and the yearly season.

To understand Humidity, we have to understand that in wet air, water will be in liquid form. The amount of water in wet air is measured in g/kg, meaning grams of water in one kilogram of dry air. The relative humidity shows how much of the Vapor pressure is used with this temperature.

Optimal humidity indoors is generally considered to be around 40% to 60% relative humidity (RH). This range ensures a comfortable and healthy environment for most individuals. However, preferences and specific situations can influence the ideal humidity level.

dall·e 2024 02 12 15.34.58 an advanced digital hygrometer, sleek and modern in design, displayed against a white background. the device is rectangular, with a large, clear digit

So what’s the impact of humidity on the human experience?

Whether you’re seeking the perfect climate for productivity, concentration, or simply a state of serenity, finding the equilibrium of moisture becomes a mission of utmost importance.

When the air becomes too heavy with humidity, it clings to your skin, leaving you feeling sticky and drenched in unease. Breathing may become a chore as it weighs upon your lungs, impacting your respiratory health and causing coughs and sneezes.

Similarly, low humidity can cause dry skin, irritated throat, cough, dry eyes, respiratory issues, and increased susceptibility to infections. It can lead to fatigue, reduced concentration, increased static electricity, and aggravated allergies. Wooden furniture and instruments may also be damaged.

Sounds “inconvenient,” right?

Therefore, It’s important to ensure the perfect balance of moisture for a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.

What we can do is explore effective ways to manage humidity levels in surroundings and experience the benefits of optimal air quality.

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